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Oil Change Rockwall TX

Oil changes are one of the most important services your vehicle will undergo throughout its lifespan. Regular oil changes are necessary for keeping your engine running smoothly and without issue so you can get where you need to go in the Rockwall area.On this page, we at Rockwall CDJR have created a detailed guide dedicated to this essential maintenance service. Read ahead to learn more about how often you should get an oil change, the common signs that you need an oil change, and how we can help when the time comes.

Oil Change Rockwall TXHow Often Do I Need an Oil Change?

How often you need an oil change starts largely depends on what type of oil your vehicle uses. There are several different types of oil but two major categories: conventional oil and synthetic oil.

Conventional oil is made from natural resources so it breaks down after about six months, or after driving about 5,000 to 7,500 miles. What brand of conventional oil you use may promise a bit more time between oil changes, but six months is a good rule of thumb for this type of oil.

Synthetic engine oil, by design, lasts quite a bit longer than conventional oil. The artificial materials from which this type of oil is made can withstand between 10,000 and 15,000 miles before it breaks down. So, you’ll be able to go about a year between oil changes.

How Can I Tell When I Need an Oil Change?

Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to tell when it’s time for your next oil change. When you start to creep up on the six-month or one-year mark, you may experience one or more of the following issues:

  • The “check engine” light on your dashboard will light up.
  • There are grinding or knocking noises coming from under the hood.
  • The body of your vehicle shakes when you’re idling.
  • You have a hard time shifting from one gear to another.
  • You fuel economy is significantly lower than normal.

If you maintain a consistent oil change schedule, you may not have to deal with any of these issues.

You can also manually check the state of your engine oil by getting under the hood with a clean rag. Simply remove the oil chamber dipstick, wipe it off with the rag, and inspect the rag. If the oil residue looks anything other than smooth and amber in color, you probably need an oil change.

Oil Change Rockwall TXWhere Can You Get an Oil Change near Rockwall TX?

At Rockwall CDJR, we’re prepared to assist every Rockwall driver with an efficient and effective oil change when the time comes. In our service center, you’ll be greeted by a team of expertly trained service technicians that have years of experience working on all facets of an automobile.

No matter what kind of vehicle you drive or what kind of oil it uses, our team is ready to serve you. Even if you just need some help understanding your maintenance schedule or what type of oil you should use in your vehicle for DIY oil changes, we’re here and happy to help.

Ready to Schedule an Oil Change?

You can schedule an oil change with our expert service team today by giving us a call today. You can also easily schedule service through our online service scheduling tool.

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