Warning Signs That You Need New Brakes

Signs That You Need New Brakes

The brakes are arguably one of the most important systems in your vehicle. Without functional brakes, you can’t safely get around the areas of Rockwall, Terrell, Rowlett, and Wylie. To help you prevent serious problems with your brakes and subsequent accidents, we at Rockwall CDJR have put together this guide to warning signs that you need new brakes. Read ahead to see what you need to look out for!

  1. The Dashboard Warning Light Is On.

Brake Light Indicator The first and most obvious sign that you need new brakes is your dashboard warning light coming on. Usually, this light is shaped like a circle with parentheses on both sides and an exclamation point in the middle of the circle. When you see this light come on, it could mean any number of things are wrong with your brake system. So, you’ll want to head into the service center as soon as you can.

  1. You Hear Strange Noises When You Brake.

Depending on which part of your brake system is malfunctioning, you could hear a variety of different noises when you press down on the brake pedal. It could sound like grinding, screeching, squealing, squeaking, chirping, or some combination of these sounds. Sometimes, you could even hear these noises when the brake pedal isn’t being pressed down.

  1. You Feel Vibrations When You Brake.

Your brakes are under a lot of pressure when you use them. This pressure and the intense heat that comes along with it can cause different parts of your brake system to warp, which can cause vibrations in the brake pedal, the steering wheel, or the entire vehicle.

  1. Vibrations When You BrakeYou Have to Press Extra Hard to Stop or Slow Down.

If your brakes are getting old and worn down, one common warning sign that you’ll encounter is increased reaction time from your brake system. It takes noticeably more pressure on the brake pedal for you to slow down or stop.

  1. Your Vehicle is Pulling to One Side or the Other.

One more warning sign to look out for with faulty brakes is your vehicle pulling to one side or the other. When your vehicle veers like this without you turning the steering wheel, it could mean that one of your brake rotors is warped or one of your brake pads is significantly more worn down than the other. Either way, it takes control of your vehicle out of your hands and can be very dangerous to drive with.

Ready for a Brake Inspection?

We at Rockwall CDJR are proud to provide helpful resources like these. If one of these warning signs sounds familiar to you, we can help. Give us a call at our service center today to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable service technicians about your brakes, or to schedule a service appointment.

Drivers in the areas of Rockwall, Terrell, Rowlett, and Wylie can also stop by our service center anytime during our regular business hours to schedule a service appointment!

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